Snippets for 30 July 2020

In this edition of Snippets we kick off with big news from the financial world, with one of the world’s largest banks starting to measure the GHG impacts of loans and investments. Closer to home, Kiwibank has decided that it will no longer fund or provide services to the fossil fuels industry, and that it will seek out more sustainable activities to back. We also have articles that discuss how massive GHG reductions can be made through improved air conditioner efficiencies as well as procurement of low carbon goods and services. We round this edition off with articles that discuss sequestration, storage and use of CO2. Enjoy! The US bank Morgan Stanley has become the latest financial firm to

Snippets for 16 July 2020

Welcome to another edition of our Snippets newsletter. In this time of pandemic, climate change and societal upheaval, it is reassuring to see that the giants in corporate sustainability reporting are trying to harmonise and simplify reporting. With this simplification, these reports, required to give interested parties information on the societal implications of a business’ initiatives and undertakings, will ultimately become more relevant and set a tone for the “new world”. Business can continue as usual or, as EECA and others have discovered, alternatives such as working from home, or teleconferencing can make a huge impact on carbon emissions. Where we work also needs to be healthy, and

Snippets for 2 July 2020

Change is in the air and sometimes you get a glimpse of a new and more sustainable future. The moment, you realise that something fundamental is taking place. The confluence of a pandemic that shows no end in sight and emerging new technologies and thinking, has seen shifts that until now seemed to be bogged down by the inertia of business as usual. This issue of Snippets examines the emergence of Green Hydrogen as a likely fuel of the future. Whilst the use of renewable electricity is still going to be preferable, its Achilles heel is always going to be large-scale storage and the intermittent nature of generation. A number of European countries have decided that Green Hydrogen is going

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