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Climate Leaders Coalition

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We are a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition.

Based in Wellington, we are a carboNZero accredited, environmentally focused and award-winning carbon and energy management organisation.


We are a socially minded business that promotes sustainability and the well-being of society in general.

Actions underway: Being a company that assists others with measuring and monitoring their emissions and understanding their carbon footprint, we want to know our own footprint and to offset any emissions we create during the course of our work.

We are a carboNZero certified organisation and our emissions are reported as part of the certification process. Setting a public emissions reduction target – do you have a target at this stage? Otherwise we can leave this heading out


We joined the carbonZero scheme in 2012, and identified areas where we could make improvements to our carbon footprint. These included reducing air travel, reducing power consumption in our offices, reducing waste and increasing recycling, and understanding the ongoing technological improvements that would allow us and our clients to make energy improvements in business operations.


We have recently started recycling most of the waste generated in our office, and encourage our employees to do the same at home.

Every fortnight we create a newsletter that shares recent articles from different sources on many environmental and sustainability topics. We have a philosophy of keeping this newsletter positive to encourage our readers to do what they can to minimise climate change and protect our environment.

We contribute to our local environment by having a day of volunteer work including planting trees and cleaning up rubbish on a regular basis.

Wherever possible, when arranging meetings with clients, we look at video-conferencing options in preference to meeting face to face.

We are starting to work with our supply chain to identify and prioritise working with those who share our environmental philosophy.