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Snippets for 21 May 2020

May 20, 2020

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SnippETS for 31 May 2018

May 30, 2018



Welcome to our latest SnippETS newsletter. It appears that much of the world has hit an inflection point and that decarbonisation is finally happening. Here in NZ we are still a bit behind the ball, but we can also draw on the experiences of other countries to find ideas how to reduce agricultural emissions. We also have articles about preserving forest carbon sinks, and even how to sink our personal carbon when we pass and how to reduce carbon in our daily lives.



Whilst the Paris Agreement came into effect on 4th November 2016, it was without the detailed ‘rulebook’ – the operating manual, the deal needs when it enters force in 2020.Our opening article reviews the recent progress by more than 3,000 diplomats and observers in their negotiations on finalising the rulebook. We are encouraged by the slow rate of progress, as it means they are serious in having a ‘rulebook’ that is clear, detailed and with teeth....Read More



 Business also continues to increase their environmental disclosures. CDP or what used to be known as the Carbon Disclosure Project started 17 years ago and has now grown to more than 800 investors with $100 trillion in managed assets. Today more than 6,500 companies, representing greater than 60 percent of the market capitalization of the world’s 30 largest stock exchanges, report nearly a fifth of the world’s GHG emissions through CDP. ...Read More