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Snippets for 21 May 2020

May 20, 2020

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SnippETS for 1 November 2018

October 31, 2018





Welcome to our latest SnippETS newsletter. This week we take a look at how a personal commitment to clean up a beach led to much bigger things, recycling plastic the right way and lab produced meat that is actually meat! Also we look at how robots are going to revolutionise farming and that there is no such thing as waste. We also have a look at zinc air batteries, sometimes simple is good and we finish up with some photos, a picture can be worth a thousand words.



In 2007 a guy on the Isle of Man thought, ‘I’m going to clean up this beach’. It ended up taking 6 weekends of hard work. Now regular clean ups occur and people are committed 100% to ensuring coastlines stay clean (Island Pride). The island’s determination to protect the coastal environment from the multiple threats of plastic pollution, climate change and over-fishing has earned it the status of a Unesco biosphere region, and, more importantly, sea life has returned in abundance. Read more.....





Recycling is currently a problem for NZ, now that sending it all to China is not an option and what is currently being done to recycle and reduce plastics? We read here of some great NZ initiatives already underway, and a study by SBN with businesses is looking at what is and can be done about our mountains of plastic.

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In the Netherlands, one recycling plant is doing what many in the industry have labelled “impossible”, by recycling household packaging and making a financial success of it. They do this by only recycling one type of plastic and sending other types to other plants around Europe. This approach works because of the scale involved. This article discusses the processes, and what more is needed to make it even more viable. 

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