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Snippets for 4 June 2020

June 3, 2020

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SnippETS for 13 December 2018

December 13, 2018





Welcome to our last SnippETS newsletter for 2018.


In this issue of SnippETS we introduce disruptive change. Change can occur at many levels, but it is at its most profound when it is a groundswell of grass roots initiated and supported ideology and passion. So it is, when the largest New Zealand media outlet Stuff launches a series of articles on taking action on climate change and global protests by students demanding the same. Change is in the air.We also examine further proof that the demise of coal as a thermal fuel is well underway and that gas is not far behind, as the rise of renewables coupled with storage is rapidly replacing them as the generation of the time.



We start this week’s snippETS with some far reaching and emotive climate change coverage from Stuff’s Editor in Chief, Patrick Crewdson. While many of us are in agreement that a lot needs to be done to curb climate change, collectively we are remaining complacent. This series of articles by Stuff hopes to change this ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards climate change action by looking at the facts surrounding the impact of climate change and spark healthy debate on how we should react.Read more.....




Whilst NZ is finally taking steps to realistically address climate change, they are still in their infancy and nowhere as ambitious as many of those who will live to experience the worst impacts of our changing climate, today’s youth, are demanding. In what is a global movement, children from Canada, to Sweden, to Australia are calling on their politicians to step up and take real action on climate change. They may be too young to vote but they certainly have a voice. .Read more.....





One volunteer at the Australian Youth Climate coalition (Aisheeya Huq) shares her story on why she feels an obligation to participate in and contribute to the strike for climate change policy.  Until Scott Morrison, Australia’s new Prime Minister, does something about this she promises that Australian students will continue to strike more passionately and more frequently.  As Aisheeya says “Climate change is an issue with a ticking clock and the fact that adults and politicians are NOT doing enough is, simply put, repulsive”.