October 3, 2019

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October 31, 2019

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SnippETS for 28 February 2019

February 28, 2019





Welcome to our latest SnippETS newsletter.


We start by giving the sustainability sector a well-earned pat on the back, by finally being able to consider sustainability, is well sustainable.  This claim is supported by the ISO recently releasing a Sustainable Procurement Guide.


We also examine the steady growth and penetration of renewable electricity generation around the world, and how increasing subsidies to the fossil fuel sector to keep the lights on will need to be on the agenda.  Not so however here in New Zealand, as our renewable generation sector is so very different to most of the rest of the world.


Also featuring in this issue of Snippets, is the changing attitudes to the three “R’s" of Reduce, Recycle and the born-again Reuse.  The days of the milkman and their glass bottles are back. 


We end by examining a Swedish trial by IKEA to offer Furniture as a Service, or as it has been dubbed, the ‘Netflix of Furniture’.




Almost anyone who works in the sustainability sector will have stories that tell of the challenges of getting approval and funding for sustainability projects. Or historically to even get buy in. As this article discusses, the sustainability sector has finally become sustainable. Not only sustainable but, to name a few, also expanding into the fields of procurement, finance, accounting and stakeholder management. Read more.....




In a move to help guide our linear economy in the direction of a circular economy, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) has developed a Sustainable Procurement Standard. Keep in mind that only six years ago they also published the Product Use Instructions Guide that recommended the destruction and disposal of end of life goods (not necessarily recycling). That is a huge change in thinking in such a short period and underpins the rapid pace of change in the sustainability sector. Read more.....      



A recent report published by Schneider Electric and GreenBiz reveals that corporate sustainability and efficiency appears to be continuing to grow, due to factors such as gaining a competitive advantage, consumer brand awareness and environmental impact. There are however still some barriers to overcome. The importance of having sufficient quality data, and using it to communicate proposals to the executive, appear to be fundamental to the success or failure of initiatives. Read more.....



And the role of women on the sustainability journey?  As this article discusses, their untapped communication skills make women uniquely placed to explain the damaging impacts of an overheating planet and to spur on climate action.  Clove