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Snippets for 4 June 2020

June 3, 2020

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SnippETS for 15 August 2019

August 14, 2019




Welcome to our latest SnippETS newsletter.



In this edition of SnippETS, we have a little bit of everything. We start with two articles discussing financial risk and disclosure, then we move onto travel emissions vs. cost and convenience. Keeping with travel, we then discuss electric scooters…are they a pain and are they really all that they are made out to be in emissions terms? Speaking of emissions, how about a car that actually charges from its own solar panels? The last few articles are garbage, or rather- about waste. Some very good ideas and initiatives here, so read up and enjoy!




Over the last 18 months we’ve seen both the hottest month on record for the world (last month) and New Zealand (January 2018) since records began. Extreme weather events are hitting every populated continent, killing, injuring and displacing millions, and causing major economic damage. Finally, the credit rating agencies of the world are starting to think that the physical risks that climate change poses on businesses, banks and markets have been previously mispriced.

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It’s not only the credit agencies that are re-evaluating the physical risks that extreme weather events pose. The US congress last month had their first ever hearing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. In that hearing they looked at standardising ESG disclosures to make them more comprehensive and consistent. And it’s not only happening in the US, in the UK it will be a mandatory requirement for all listed companies and large asset owners to report on climate-related risks and opportunities by 2022.

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As transparency around the physical risks of climate change is important, it is also important for the public to be informed about the climate impacts of different methods of travel.