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January 15, 2020

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February 26, 2020

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SnippETS for 29 August 2019

August 28, 2019




Welcome to our latest SnippETS newsletter. This week we look at the proposed Green New Deal, as laid out by Bernie Sanders who is a US presidential hopeful. Under the proposed $16.3 trillion plan, the U.S would transition to  100% renewable electricity by 2030 (only eleven years) & create 20 million jobs in the process. A global game changer.


We then look how people and businesses are making a social and carbon difference. In some Indian cities, rickshaw operators are now being offered leased to own electric alternatives. Here in NZ, which is a nation of SME’s, we examine how businesses are transitioning into a more sustainable future and reducing their carbon footprints.


As NZ is very still much a primary producer, how we relate to the land is critical.  We carry a series of articles examining the positive possibilities for regenerative agriculture and why soil has to be our friend. Urban farming also gets a look in and how it could become part of how we manage our roof spaces more effectively. They can do far more than just keep the water out.


e plane developments (there are a lot) are lifting off in impressive numbers. We like Alice.  Read it and you probably will as well.  Most of the examples discussed highlight the fast-paced development and varied options being tested through to commercial release.


Our final article looks at an Irish teenager – 18 year old Fionn Ferreira, who took out the Google Science Award for a process to remove microplastics from the world’s oceans.  Using magnets to attract microplastics, his device successfully removed 88% from the water sample.  Wow.



Although Trump is withdrawing the US from the Paris Agreement and believes climate change is a hoax, one of the leading democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, has put forward an incredibly bold and ambitious $16.3 trillion climate strategy to decarbonize the US economy. The ‘Green New Deal’ would also create 20 million new jobs and seek ‘Just Transition’ for the oil and gas industries (similar to here in NZ). If implemented this would surely put the world back on track! Read more.....




There is an initiative in India that also seeks to both improve lives and reduce emissions. This new social venture aims to do it with electric rickshaws. Not only will electric rickshaws improve productivity for manual riders, but it will also help restore clean air in one of India’s most polluted cities by replacing the petrol-powered ones. Read more.....