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Snippets for 30 July 2020

July 29, 2020

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Snippets for 7 May 2020

May 6, 2020


Welcome to our latest Snippets newsletter.


In this edition of Snippets we look at how we can come out of the virus lockdown in a better place – globally and locally, with help from governments, business and nature.


We look at what the IMF and World bank suggest, with their understanding that the world must radically change its relationship with nature and work together as never seen before. This is backed up by a review of a paper in journal Nature Communications - that if we renege on commitments to the Paris Agreement, any respite we have seen from the virus crisis will only be temporary. Germany’s Angela Merkel understands this, and is showing the world a way forward that will help economic recovery from the virus, while keeping carbon emission reductions in mind.


Noted environmentalist David Suzuki sees the climate crisis as a threat orders of magnitude larger than the coronavirus, and says civil society needs to step up and demand governments deal with it by responding to the Covid-19 crisis in a different way. A letter from the SBN to our own government sets out a way to our own economic recovery with sustainability at the fore.


One area that needs consideration urgently around the world is flood protection. A new evaluation tool for flood prone areas will show how interventions may work, and we have articles on how mangroves, and architectural design for the longer term can both give economic benefits as well as flood protection.


We finish with articles on Microsoft’s Planetary computer that it’s building to protect biodiversity, and some corporate climate actions recently announced.


Keep safe and well.